Life Lessons I Have Learned from Watching the Golden Girls

The Golden Girls, was one of those television shows that spoke to a generation and broke several stereotypes. Women in their golden years were seen in a new and fresh light. The four main characters Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy, banded together as single roommates, living together after all of them lost their husbands. They migrated through life together dealing with society, family relationships, dating and  the challenges of growing older.

I have watched this show for years but it was not until recently that I realized the ground breaking topics and wisdom that came with this show. Below I have listed some of the key fun values that this show has taught us about life and growing older. I only hope that when I reach my golden years, that I never stop laughing, growing, learning and enjoying life to the fullest.

    Life’s problems can be solved over eating cheesecake and a good cup of coffee. gg_cake Older women can still be sexy, beautiful, Desirable and confident blanche_done

  Love and romance transcend all ages even in your golden years. dorothy_wedding

  Friendship is especially important and makes life sweeter. goldengirls460

  Humor can make life’s tough spots more manageable. gg_laughing





  Memories and old stories are golden and fun to share. story_done








Taking time to smell the roses and have fun is the key to a long happy life. gg_chicken






Family and friends are the only thing in life that really matter. golden_girls_full












Thank you ladies for being our friends!

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