Movie Review For The Help

A few weeks back and I have to say that it was probably one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time.  When I watched this movie I was absolutely, astonished at how people behaved and it was really sad and heartbreaking to watch. The way society acted as a whole back then is so different than it is today. It was a huge eye opener for me someone born in the 1970’s who has never experienced segregation.

This movie takes place in the 1960’s in the south during the civil rights movement. It centers around an aspiring writer and maids who are going through major hardships working for white women and their children. The movie stars Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Sissy Spacek and Octavia Spencer. This movie brought me to tears of joy and happiness. There are many funny and engaging parts of this movie. The acting was very convincing and I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

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