The White Queen by Philipa Gregory Mini-Series Review


whitequeen_final The White Queen is the mini-series event pro­duced for tele­vi­sion by the BBC for the Starz Net­work. This mini-series is based on the best sell­ing Cousin War Series writ­ten by Philipa Gregory.

I first heard about the novel the White Queen by watch­ing a book review by Elle Fowler aka. Allthatglitters21 on youtube. She explained the story of the White Queen and how the story was told from her point of view. Philipa Gre­gory also has an alter­nate book in the series called the Red Queen. I bought the book but was very hes­i­tant to read it due to the fact this book is based on his­tor­i­cal fic­tion. Not sure if I was up to a heavy period piece read I left it on the book shelf for well over a year. Fast for­ward to three weeks ago when I saw a pre­view for the mini-series and was instantly drawn to this story all over again.

The White Queen is based on a real woman named Eliz­a­beth Woodville who is from the nobel house of Lan­caster. Her hus­band is killed in bat­tle and she begins a for­bid­den  romance with the reign­ing king of Eng­land, King Edward IV. Edward is of the fam­ily of the white rose, the House of York. This was a very scan­dalous and dan­ger­ous move for both Eliz­a­beth and Edward. This secret mar­riage sets off many fire­works in the polit­i­cal arena and pro­duces many pow­er­ful and venge­ful ene­mies. Other royal houses are not happy with this union espe­cially the King of France who’s daugh­ter was set to marry Edward in a polit­i­cal mar­riage, but has now been slighted by Edward in his mar­riage to a com­moner Eliz­a­beth. Edward not only has to smooth over his rela­tions with France but also in his own court, where his mother, brother and cousin plot against him and threaten his reign on the throne.

Eliz­a­beth three years into their mar­riage fails to secure Edward with a male heir. War­rick  the King’s cousin known as “the king maker” begins to plot for Edward’s brother George to take over the throne. Eliz­a­beth and her chil­dren must flee once Edward is cap­tured and she returns to her home with her mother. Elizabeth’s mother Jacquetta is said to have been blessed with mag­i­cal pow­ers and skills in witch­craft. Many peo­ple believe it was her spell bind­ing skills that helped Eliz­a­beth seduce Edward into mar­riage. Now Eliz­a­beth and her mother Jacquetta seek revenge for the mur­der of Elizabeth’s father and brother and to free Edward from Warrick’s capture.

This story has a lot of intrigue and we are only on episode three! I am really into this story now and can­not wait to see the next episode. After the mini-series I do intend to read all of the books in the series. If you were a fan of the Tudors, then this show and novel series is right up your alley. I highly rec­om­mend the mini-series and I am sure the books will be very fas­ci­nat­ing as well. The other books on the series are also based on real women in the Cousin’s war. The series is avail­able on the Starz net­work on demand but I believe it will also be avail­able on Net­flicks and other video rentals soon.

For more infor­ma­tion on the book series you can check out the authors web­site here:


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