My New Guilty Pleasure is Pretty Little Liars


So last week I was bored out of my mind and there was noth­ing on tele­vi­sion. Chan­nel surf­ing I landed on the ABC Fam­ily chan­nel and caught the tale in of the show Pretty Lit­tle Liars. This is a show that I have seen once or twice. I liked it but never had the chance to see it again. I decided to watch it and found out that they were hav­ing a PLL marathon, three episodes and a box of peanut M&M’s later I was totally hooked!

Sea­son two is almost over and I am so lost on most of what is hap­pen­ing in the show but can’t stop watch­ing.  So I did what any rea­son­able, over the age of 35 per­son would do. I ran out to Tar­get and bought sea­son 1 and spent the entire week­end watch­ing Pretty Lit­tle Liars! All I can think of is who is A? I can’t wait till sea­son 2 ends so I can buy the sec­ond sea­son and watch all of them and finally be all caught up. Yes I am totally addicted and lov­ing every minute of it, me and half of the teens in America!

So you say what’s the big deal what is this show about? Well the descrip­tion from the IMDB web­site is this “Four friends band together against an anony­mous foe who threat­ens to reveal their dark­est secrets, whilst unrav­el­ing the mys­tery of the mur­der of their best friend” ( The show is about four teens who’s friend is mur­dered all the while they are being harassed by a stranger with the ini­tial A. A knows all of their and their fam­i­lies secrets. So while they are try­ing to solve the mys­tery of who killed Ali­son they are dodg­ing threats from A and work­ing hard to uncover who A is before it’s too late.

If you find your­self need­ing a good thriller series that appeals to all ages and want to get caught up in the craze. Do your­self a favor rent sea­son 1 of Pretty Lit­tle Liars or watch on tele­vi­sion for free. Warn­ing, this show is addict­ing and you can’t watch just one episode!

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Michelle Norman is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Puregoddess University. She is also the owner of Puregoddess a women's brand that features clothing, accessories and makeup.

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