My New Guilty Pleasure is Pretty Little Liars

So last week I was bored out of my mind and there was nothing on television. Channel surfing I landed on the ABC Family channel and caught the tale in of the show Pretty Little Liars. This is a show that I have seen once or twice. I liked it but never had the chance to see it again. I decided to watch it and found out that they were having a PLL marathon, three episodes and a box of peanut M&M’s later I was totally hooked!

Season two is almost over and I am so lost on most of what is happening in the show but can’t stop watching.  So I did what any reasonable, over the age of 35 person would do. I ran out to Target and bought season 1 and spent the entire weekend watching Pretty Little Liars! All I can think of is who is A? I can’t wait till season 2 ends so I can buy the second season and watch all of them and finally be all caught up. Yes I am totally addicted and loving every minute of it, me and half of the teens in America!

So you say what’s the big deal what is this show about? Well the description from the IMDB website is this “Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, whilst unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend” ( The show is about four teens who’s friend is murdered all the while they are being harassed by a stranger with the initial A. A knows all of their and their families secrets. So while they are trying to solve the mystery of who killed Alison they are dodging threats from A and working hard to uncover who A is before it’s too late.

If you find yourself needing a good thriller series that appeals to all ages and want to get caught up in the craze. Do yourself a favor rent season 1 of Pretty Little Liars or watch on television for free. Warning, this show is addicting and you can’t watch just one episode!

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