My Review of the Trish MceVoy Beauty Planner Limited Edition in Azure

Trish MCeVoy Power of Beauty Planner In Azure

Hello here is my review of  the Trish McCoy Lim­ited Edi­tion Power of Makeup Azure Plan­ner Col­lec­tion. This kit I pur­chased on QVC for $180.00. The kit comes with a full col­lec­tion of makeup and a blue beauty plan­ner orga­nizer that is refill­able. The kit comes with the items listed below.

Kit includes:
Petite Makeup Plan­ner® Azure
Eye Base Essen­tials Bare
Intense Gel Eye Liner Black*
Beauty Emer­gency Card® for Eyes: Deluxe Eye Shadow Soft Peach, Eye Shad­ows Antique Rose and NEW Barely Blue, Glaze Eye Shad­ows Bal­let Pink, Rose Quartz and NEW Pearl, Eye Defin­ers Paris Nights and Ara­bian Nights
Lash Curl­ing Mas­cara
Instant Eye Lift Shade 1
Petite Makeup Wardrob­ing® Page
Bronzer Golden
Face Shaper High­light 1
Blush Nat­ural
Translu­cent Fin­ish­ing Pow­der
NEW Flaw­less Lip® Color Chic
Petite Makeup Plan­ner® Azure– 6 x 4.25 x 2.5 inches
Eye Base Essen­tials Bare– .09 oz.
Intense Gel Eye Liner Black*- .015 oz
Beauty Emer­gency Card® for Eyes
Lash Curl­ing Mas­cara– 5 g / .18 oz
Instant Eye Lift Shade 1*- .025 oz
Petite Makeup Wardrob­ing® Page– 4 x 3 x 1 inches
Bronzer Golden*- 2.98 g / 0.11 oz
Face Shaper High­light 1–3.00 g / 0.10 oz
Blush Natural-2.98 g / 0.11 oz
Translu­cent Fin­ish­ing Pow­der*- 4.72 g / 0.17 oz
NEW Flaw­less Lip® Color Chic-1.4 g / 0.05 oz.

I am in absolute love with the blue beauty plan­ner in Azure by Trish MCeVoy. This plan­ner is quilted plush and very chic. The plan­ner has a very “chanel” look and feel to it and one of the rea­sons why I wanted this par­tic­u­lar plan­ner. Trish MCeVoy has beauty books that come out a few times a year but this one really caught my eye. Besides the lush plan­ner with zip­pered stor­age and a nice removal hot pink mesh, the plan­ner comes stocked with amaz­ing makeup goodies.

The most amaz­ing prod­uct to me is what Trish MCeVoy is known for her Instant Eye Lift. This is Trish’s answer to a con­cealer and let me tell you it does! Trish shows you in her instruc­tional book­let (comes in the kit) how to apply the “tri­an­gle of light” under­neath your eyes to achieve an amaz­ing effect of con­ceal­ing dark cir­cles and adding light to your eye area. This is amaz­ing, the con­cealer goes on creamy smooth and does not crease in lines and does pro­vide a nice medium cov­er­age. I will def­i­nitely be repur­chas­ing this prod­uct on its own.

My sec­ond favorite prod­uct in this kit is the Intense Eye Liner Gel in black. This is an amaz­ing liner but a lit­tle goes a long way and once its applied it is hard to edit. Trish teaches a new way to apply this gel liner which she under­lines it under her upper eye lash line. I also really like the bronzer, blush and pow­der that comes in the kit in an all in one com­pact. I really love the qual­ity of the prod­uct and how pig­mented they are. These prod­ucts will last you sev­eral months so the money in my opin­ion is worth it. I have had my kit since Decem­ber and I am not even halfway through them.

I highly rec­om­mend this prod­uct and the beauty is you can add more of your own prod­ucts to the plan­ner and it is portable for travel. All your makeup is neatly stored in an eas­ily acces­si­ble kit.

If you would like to pur­chase this makeup kit you can get it here:
Trish MCeVoy Power of Beauty Kit

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