My Review of the Trish MceVoy Beauty Planner Limited Edition in Azure

Hello here is my review of  the Trish McCoy Limited Edition Power of Makeup Azure Planner Collection. This kit I purchased on QVC for $180.00. The kit comes with a full collection of makeup and a blue beauty planner organizer that is refillable. The kit comes with the items listed below.

Kit includes:
Petite Makeup Planner® Azure
Eye Base Essentials Bare
Intense Gel Eye Liner Black*
Beauty Emergency Card® for Eyes: Deluxe Eye Shadow Soft Peach, Eye Shadows Antique Rose and NEW Barely Blue, Glaze Eye Shadows Ballet Pink, Rose Quartz and NEW Pearl, Eye Definers Paris Nights and Arabian Nights
Lash Curling Mascara
Instant Eye Lift Shade 1
Petite Makeup Wardrobing® Page
Bronzer Golden
Face Shaper Highlight 1
Blush Natural
Translucent Finishing Powder
NEW Flawless Lip® Color Chic
Petite Makeup Planner® Azure- 6 x 4.25 x 2.5 inches
Eye Base Essentials Bare- .09 oz.
Intense Gel Eye Liner Black*- .015 oz
Beauty Emergency Card® for Eyes
Lash Curling Mascara- 5 g / .18 oz
Instant Eye Lift Shade 1*- .025 oz
Petite Makeup Wardrobing® Page- 4 x 3 x 1 inches
Bronzer Golden*- 2.98 g / 0.11 oz
Face Shaper Highlight 1-3.00 g / 0.10 oz
Blush Natural-2.98 g / 0.11 oz
Translucent Finishing Powder*- 4.72 g / 0.17 oz
NEW Flawless Lip® Color Chic-1.4 g / 0.05 oz.

I am in absolute love with the blue beauty planner in Azure by Trish MCeVoy. This planner is quilted plush and very chic. The planner has a very “chanel” look and feel to it and one of the reasons why I wanted this particular planner. Trish MCeVoy has beauty books that come out a few times a year but this one really caught my eye. Besides the lush planner with zippered storage and a nice removal hot pink mesh, the planner comes stocked with amazing makeup goodies.

The most amazing product to me is what Trish MCeVoy is known for her Instant Eye Lift. This is Trish’s answer to a concealer and let me tell you it does! Trish shows you in her instructional booklet (comes in the kit) how to apply the “triangle of light” underneath your eyes to achieve an amazing effect of concealing dark circles and adding light to your eye area. This is amazing, the concealer goes on creamy smooth and does not crease in lines and does provide a nice medium coverage. I will definitely be repurchasing this product on its own.

My second favorite product in this kit is the Intense Eye Liner Gel in black. This is an amazing liner but a little goes a long way and once its applied it is hard to edit. Trish teaches a new way to apply this gel liner which she underlines it under her upper eye lash line. I also really like the bronzer, blush and powder that comes in the kit in an all in one compact. I really love the quality of the product and how pigmented they are. These products will last you several months so the money in my opinion is worth it. I have had my kit since December and I am not even halfway through them.

I highly recommend this product and the beauty is you can add more of your own products to the planner and it is portable for travel. All your makeup is neatly stored in an easily accessible kit.

If you would like to purchase this makeup kit you can get it here:
Trish MCeVoy Power of Beauty Kit

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