The Magic by Rhonda Byrne( Author of the Secret)- A Review of The Book the Magic

The Magic I embarked on my jour­ney of the Magic in the begin­ning of April.I was not sure what to think of this book but decided to give it a shot. The first les­son of the Magic was the prac­tice, count your bless­ings. Every­day you make a list of ten bless­ings and write why you are grate­ful for them. You read them out load or in your head and say the magic words “thank you” three times after each one as you say them.

This process was hard for me to stick with 100% I will admit due to the fact I was not on a reg­u­lar sched­ule and not a morn­ing per­son. I did how­ever man­age to do this most days and found that this prac­tice alone was a very pow­er­ful one for me.

On day two you add your nightly prac­tice of the magic rock. This is where you find an object (a rock) and keep it in a place that you will see often. Every night before you go to sleep you grab your magic rock and think back over your day and say “thank you” for the best thing that hap­pened to you dur­ing the day. I really liked this prac­tice and I still prac­tice this one daily. I found this one to be a very easy and enjoy­able one to do.

The next 26 days you con­tinue to do your morn­ing rou­tine and night rou­tine cou­pled with a daily exer­cise. This process really made me think and feel dif­fer­ent lev­els of grat­i­tude and really opened my eyes to how much I took for granted. The fact that I am healthy, have a roof over my head, have a very sup­port­ive fam­ily and great group of friends. I have so many bless­ings that I never even think about or even real­ize how much of a gift they are to me everyday.

There were sev­eral lessons that deal with being thank­ful for the air you breathe, the water and food you have and all the peo­ple who make it pos­si­ble for you to eat. This was pow­er­ful and it made me think of all those peo­ple in third world coun­tries who do not have a gro­cery store to go to. They have to hunt and work to find clean water to drink, so the fact that we can go to the store and have so many options to choose from is a major bless­ing. We often take going to the store as a chore and not a bless­ing many of us take for granted every­day. So now when I drive up to the gro­cery store and walk the aisles of clean fruit and veg­gies, I say “thank you” to the uni­verse that I have food avail­able to me to buy and eat.

There were so many dif­fer­ent lessons in this book that really opened my eyes and some I still do. I really liked the les­son mag­nif­i­cent Out­comes that deals with man­i­fest­ing pos­i­tive out­comes and hav­ing sit­u­a­tions come out bet­ter than expected before they hap­pen. Learn­ing this really has helped me be more pos­i­tive and also helped with cou­pling the law of attrac­tion and grat­i­tude together.

This is a very pow­er­ful com­bi­na­tion that speeds up man­i­fest­ing abun­dance and I per­son­ally can tell you that it works! I used this prac­tice for a job inter­view and it really worked, I was less stressed and it went really well. I man­i­fested it going a cer­tain way, less traf­fic, get­ting a good park­ing space and a good energy with the per­son I was to meet. All that I man­i­fested and thought about while dri­ving there hap­pened. To me that was price­less and very pow­er­ful, so I was very pleased with this les­son and still use it everyday.

Over­all I really enjoyed this book and I feel more at peace inside. I have wit­nessed some pos­i­tive bless­ings in my life, have more love and sup­port from fam­ily and friends and over­all have grown I feel as a per­son. I have become a bit more hum­ble, less self­ish and learned to be thank­ful for the world I live in, the peo­ple I am sur­rounded with and the love from above that shines on me everyday.

Life has been tough for me this past year but hon­estly this was a very pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence and I will con­tinue to prac­tice grat­i­tude in my daily life. I highly rec­om­mend this book to any­one who is inter­ested in man­i­fest­ing love, abun­dance and bless­ings into their life.

For more info you can watch all of the 28 days of magic on my youtube chan­nel and also read the addi­tional blog posts for every day of the magic.

If you would like to buy the book you can here:


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Michelle Norman is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Puregoddess University. She is also the owner of Puregoddess a women's brand that features clothing, accessories and makeup.


  • Reply October 26, 2013

    laxmi narayan pati

    very pow­er­ful

    • Reply October 27, 2013

      Michelle Norman

      Hi there Laxmi, yes it is very pow­er­ful are you cur­rently doing The Magic?

      • Reply April 4, 2014


        hey how can i increase my height from this??

        • Reply April 28, 2014

          Michelle Norman

          Hi there not sure what you mean by height? You can­not change cer­tain things in life like height etc. But you can change your inner self and things that hap­pen to you and around you. It really does work but like with every­thing in life I believe God gives us what we can han­dle and the rest is up to us to make “deci­sions” and have beliefs in our­selves that things will work out.

  • Reply November 19, 2013

    Pratibha Devi

    Really its magic. Does miraculous.

    • Reply November 19, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      thank you Prat­i­bha let me know how you did on the Magic.

      • Reply January 29, 2017


        Hey i have started read­ing the book the magic and lov­ing it so far but a quick question.…as its a prac­tise of 28 days do i need to read this book over the course of 28 days in order to come across a new prac­tise every day or can i carry on read­ing and just do the practises?

  • Reply November 23, 2013


    its really non sense..people with com­mon sense wont believe in such ideas,thoughts are impor­tant bcoz it is induc­ing our actions.…without writ­ing books can ur author “RHONDA BYRENE” become a millionaire.…if she does,if she become world no. 1 rich woman,if she does mir­a­cle things apart from writ­ting books and earn­ing from it,surely we(who are with com­mon sense) will believe you and your author…

  • Reply November 23, 2013


    i dint read magic but read that non-sense “secret”

    • Reply December 25, 2013

      Michelle Norman

      Well since you did not read it then really you can­not give an opin­ion on it since you do not know the mean­ing behind it. This book is about learn­ing to be grate­ful and the power of this act. It is not about becom­ing a mil­lion­aire etc. The secret is also not a get rich book but a way of open­ing your mind to the power of pos­i­tive think­ing and learn­ing to make things work for you purely on your thoughts and inten­tions. There is a lot of truth there but again if you go into it with a neg­a­tive this is “non­sense” atti­tude then you will get zero results. Thanks for your com­ment on my blog. I do chal­lenge you to do the Magic and see if you get any pos­i­tive results are you up for it?

    • Reply August 4, 2014



      You can keep you opin­ions to your­self. Use your “com­mon sense” and stop talk­ing shit on other people’s blogs.

  • Reply February 26, 2014

    Kesha Williams

    Hi Michelle,
    I bought the book back in Decem­ber and when i started pratic­ing some of the things the book men­tioned and I have to admit my life started chang­ing. I did not con­tinue due to dif­fer­ent rea­sons with stay­ing on sched­ule so I have decided to start over. I am a strong believer of the book “The Magic” and I also have the book “The Secret”. This does work and for the ones who says it doesn’t all I have to say is you get out of it what you put in it. If you think neg­a­tive that is what you will attract. “Thoughts do become things”. Good Luck on your journey…

    • Reply April 28, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      Kesha thank you for shar­ing your story with me! Please keep me posted on your success.

  • Reply April 24, 2014


    Hi I have done this Magic prac­tice want to share my exp here.
    I started doing this in the end of Feb and i was going through a prob­lem in my rela­tion­ship and dur­ing this entire prac­tice my focus was to improve on the rela­tion­ship .On Day 27 i had a hor­ri­ble expe­ri­ence i.e the boy whom i was dat­ing called me and said that he doesnt want to be with me any more !,I was dis­ap­pointed with the magic prac­tice and cried whole day on day 28(which is the last magic prac­tice day).but i dint give up .I made up my mind say­ing that this is not what i asked with the nature so this can not be the out­come and i con­tin­ued with the magic rela­tion­ship prac­tice from day 29 onwards and i kept a time line of 15 days to to improve my rela­tion­ship .I visu­alised my boyfriend con­tact­ing me again ‚meet­ing me ‚com­ing to my house ‚spend­ing time together etc .To my sur­prise after 8 days one early morn­ing the boy had sent a good morn­ing msg i was so so happy (while writ­ing this expe­ri­ence also i am get­ting goose­bumps) and then he started chat­ing with me ‚I wanted to meet him but was afraid to ask him to meet me as i was scared that he might deny it.but after a wk he him­self expressed that he wanted to meet me and i met him at the MRT sta­tion and then every­thing was normal(this hap­pend on the 14th day of my time­line :-)) .I am still con­tin­u­ing with the magic rela­tion­ship prac­tice and i cant express how great­ful i m . thank you thank you thank you
    And I am sure that every­one needs to prac­tice this to expe­ri­ence it ! Agree its very very dif­fi­cult to believe as our brain is used to nege­tive feel­ings& thoughts but it does work and one needs to have pos­i­tive atti­tude. thank you thank you thank you

    • Reply April 28, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      Thank you so much for shar­ing your story with me! Keep me posted on your progression..:)

    • Reply June 14, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      S, this is awe­some con­grats to you and your rela­tion­ship. Keep me posted on your progress with the Magic.

  • Reply May 6, 2014


    I barely read books actu­ally, i’m not that type of a book­worm at all but when it came to this book my eyes were stuck and my hands were tick­ling me to do 2 days prac­tise in one. It is really a life chang­ing book, i’ve changed to the max. I had lots of strug­gles in my life from day one whether it was with fam­i­lies, friends or even school. I would only describe it in one word, the ‘multi-beneficial’ book of all!

  • Reply June 5, 2014


    I did this book a cou­ple months ago for a rela­tion­ship. When I was on day 25 I had a huge fight with my boyfriend and we broke up.I almost gave up, but I fin­ished the exer­cises. It’s been three weeks we don’t speak to eachother, and I’m almost freak­ing out. I want to believe so badly he’s com­ing back to me and some­times I doubt it. Now I’m start­ing the book all over again, but this time doing it for myself and strug­gling to believe he’s com­ing to me again. I’m start­ing to do the rela­tion­ship exer­cise every­day, but I’m an anx­ious per­son and don’t have the pacience to wait, that’s my prob­lem and being like this is not gonna help me.

    • Reply June 14, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      Hey Breno maybe it is meant for you to build a solid rela­tion­ship with your­self and then you will attract the right one for you. I don’t know any­thing about your rela­tion­ship but I do wish you the best of luck. Keep me posted on your progress!

      • Reply July 19, 2014


        Hey, good news! He’s back!! It took two months, but he came back. The prob­lem is I met some­body else. But doesn’t mat­ter, the Magic worked and I’m grateful.

        • Reply July 19, 2014

          Michelle Norman

          Breno that’s awe­some! I am happy to hear that your wishes came true. The Magic really does work and believ­ing pos­i­tive things in faith makes a huge dif­fer­ence. But remem­ber they always say, be care­ful for what you wished for. Some­times things or peo­ple are not meant to be in our life for a rea­son. You will know the right deci­sions to make on this just lis­ten to your heart. Hav­ing two boyfriends is a nice prob­lem to have lol. Keep me posted, God Bless.


  • Reply July 19, 2014


    I’ve started read­ing ‘the magic’ yep its pow­er­full. If one wish to be an opti­mistic ‘the magic’ will surely work. I’m an pes­simistic and i wanna change myself. I guess i’ll succeed.

    • Reply July 19, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      Hello Anamika, so glad you are doing this jour­ney it really is a pow­er­ful and pos­i­tive one. It really helped me when I was in a really low point in my life and even 9 months later things really just started to hap­pen for me. It made me really hum­ble and not take things for granted. I use some of the prac­tices every morn­ing still in my car on my way to work. If noth­ing else you learn a lot about your­self and how you see the world. Good luck and let me know how you are doing on your progress!
      God bless,


      • Reply July 20, 2014

        Sushmita Goenka

        I am cur­rently read­ing this book. I am on day 10.
        I think the first remark­able change in me is that I am really grate­ful for a lot of things… And there is a smile on my face :)

        • Reply July 20, 2014

          Michelle Norman

          Sush­mita that is awe­some! So glad you are doing this jour­ney and please keep me posted on your progress.
          Michelle :)

  • Reply August 14, 2014


    Hi I read the secret it’s really an amaz­ing book, now prac­tic­ing the 28 days magic, im on the 3rd day but hope­fully there will be a great change

    • Reply October 12, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      hello Van­isha, glad you are doing the magic. Please keep me posted on your progress!

  • Reply September 14, 2014

    Pran Aggarwal

    Really I am great impressed by the book Secret which has influ­enced my life in a very pos­i­tive way. The power of your sub­con­cious mind is superb and by usi­ing it con­struc­tively; one can achieve any­thing . I am going to pur­chase the book Magic tomor­row and then I shall post my comments.

  • Reply September 25, 2014


    Hey ..m going through the worst phase of my life I love a guy alot he loves me too but due to some of his fam­ily issues he is not with me now..m on the 4th day of magic..plzz assure me it vl work or not..i just want every­thing to be nor­mal I love him a lot…:(

    • Reply October 12, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      Hello Pragya,

      I am very sorry to hear you are going through a rela­tion­ship issue. I have had a few of those myself..;) I can­not tell you what the out­come will be for your rela­tion­ship with that one per­son. But I can tell you that things and peo­ple around you will change and move in a more pos­i­tive light. Being grate­ful and not stuck in our “me first” or “pity me” atti­tude really does change your per­spec­tive. I know first hand major things hap­pened for me and they con­tin­ued to evolve over the next year after. I can tell you that you will only ben­e­fit from this and that by doing this some things around you will change for the better..;)

      Good luck on your rela­tion­ship and please keep me posted!


  • Reply October 4, 2014

    Hi there! Your post rocks as well as becom­ing a gen­uine fan­tas­tic fully grasp!??

  • Reply November 9, 2014


    hello can you tell me if its suit­able for me? iam 18 years old i have no friens most of time i spend time with video games and find my life repeta­tive and bor­ing but im so pos­i­tive thinker iam already happy but i want some excit­ment and fun in my life with­out felling boring

    • Reply November 19, 2014

      Michelle Norman

      Hello there,

      The Magic is good for sort­ing out some issues and prob­lems that you are hav­ing and of course pos­i­tive think­ing is always a good thing. As for bor­ing, you can start off by being thank­ful and grate­ful for all that you have now. Just envi­sion your­self embrac­ing new hob­bies, new friends and new oppor­tu­ni­ties. You also have to be will­ing to make some pos­i­tive changes but also just really focus­ing in on your thoughts and prac­tic­ing the Magic. Good luck and please let me know your progress.

      God Bless,


  • Reply December 2, 2014


    Hi hope your doing great.…I have just started read­ing the
    Magic…please advice…should I read the grat­i­tude list in the morn­ing or night? I want to start the first exer­cise… your advice will be highly be appreciated.

    thankyou and God bless

  • Reply April 29, 2015

    naina govan

    Hi Rhonda..i,m naina govan, i,m very ins­pried by your book the mag­ice, please can i have one copy sent up to me.… I live in zim­babwe, please tell me how can i pur­chase a copy…costs etc.…thanking you

  • Reply August 10, 2015

    atul sachdeva

    I believe that this is the most beau­ti­ful book ever writ­ten, as this cre­ates a mag­i­cal change in your atti­tude towards life,love, peo­ple and Nature and you start get­ting the pos­i­tive vibes after fol­low­ing it prop­erly. If you are truly blessed you will cer­tainly encounter the expe­ri­ence called “The Magic”

  • Reply September 16, 2015


    Hey..I am in big confusion..I love one guy n he love me too..but der r lots of fam­ily is look­ing out groom for me n m nt able to talk abt him to my fam­ily Bcz of dif­fer­ent caste n his big brother is nt mar­ried ..first his brother wil get marry then he can talk abt for me to his par­ents n I also hav­ing the same prob­lem n nw he is nt even ready to keep rela­tion with me Bcz he is vry dis­turb I am try­ing to think pos­i­tive bt I dnt knw how to get this into in action..pls help me I am vry depress ..pls help me I want him n want to get marry him..

  • Reply October 24, 2015


    ’The Magic’ Has changed my life. Thanks to the author
    Grat­i­tude works.…I m so thank­ful for this magic in my life
    Start­ing from … Small car to big car„„growing busi­ness everyday…I have no words
    Some things did hap­pen .…in busi­ness which gave me a stroke …like friends ditch­ing up .…..which were not expected though I prac­ticed grat­i­tude …but I take it as a learn­ing les­son
    I am more strong…and more more grate­ful because some good things instore for me
    I am super duper blessed …Thank you alll

    • Reply July 10, 2016


      hi please I need help can some­body tell me if I read the secret book and the power book and the magic book is that mean im done I can just keep­ing prac­tic­ing the grat­i­tude till my dream come true or
      thank you

  • Reply August 3, 2016


    Hi, I read the book and found some changes in me .I want to know can I heal my decease through it?

  • Reply September 25, 2016


    One of the best books I have ever read. Even I rec­om­mend this book to all my clients and col­leagues. An eye opener for anyone.

    • Reply December 8, 2016


      can u tell wht kind of changes hap­pened in ur life from this book..bcz i am just start­ing to red this book..i am in my first day..

  • Reply January 3, 2017


    The “Magic” truly works, its is the best reminder of what we need to be thank­ful for. In 2013 I had a dream of hav­ing my own house but due to my pre­vi­ous life the odds were against me. A good friend of mine intro­duced me to the Magic, I was able to turn things around within a few months…so much that on the 01st Novem­ber 2013 I moved into my brand new house. I am so grate­ful and truly blessed.

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