The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (Author of the Secret)-Day 12 Magical People Who Made a Difference

The Magic Today is day 12, so we are almost halfway through the magic. I am noticing that having gratitude in my heart and in my daily life has improved my contentment and helped me to keep things in prospective.

The lesson today focuses on thanking three magical people who have made a positive difference in our lives.This was a very good lesson because too often we take people for granted and really do we ever thank people as often as we should?

I know I have thanked all of the people I have wanted to thank but today I wanted to do it again. So I did and it felt really good because when someone makes a good positive impact in your life. How can you truly repay them? So today is a day to think, reflect and thank those that have been there for you and helped you greatly.

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The Magic by Rhonda Byrne



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