The Premier of Pretty Little Liars Season 4– Who’s in the Trunk?

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 So tonight was the sea­son pre­mier of Pretty Lit­tle Liars Sea­son 4. The series opens up to expose the mys­tery of who is in the trunk…spoiler alert it’s Wilden! I had a feel­ing it might be him but now I am just very very curi­ous about who the killer is on the A team?

This sea­son Pretty lit­tle liars has a new twist with the strange return of Alison’s mother. Am I the only who thinks she may be behind the A team? I can see her seek­ing revenge on the peo­ple who may have been involved in the mur­der of her daugh­ter Ali­son. The whole mov­ing back into town and set­ting up Alison’s room like a shrine to me is a dead give­away. I think she is nuts and is elim­i­nat­ing them one by one. Jenna even thinks that she is dead because she is one of the few left that are alive. All other peo­ple who have seen Ali­son the night she died are dead. Can you say dead girl walk­ing? I would def­i­nitely be look­ing over my shoul­der if I was Jenna.

The other ques­tion is who is the lady in black at Wilden’s funeral? Is it Ali­son hid­ing under the veil? The end of the episode shows the lady in black unveil­ing her veil to show a burned mask. Who do you think it is? A lot of peo­ple are refer­ring to the books  and the the­ory of it being Alison’s twin Court­ney? I have not read the books but I do like the whole twin the­ory. I have to admit I love Ali­son and wish she was not dead so maybe she will show up as Vivian Dark­bloom her alter ego? Do you think she is alive?

The other inter­est­ing tid­bit this episode was the emer­gence of the Hanna/Mona friend­ship. The Pretty Lit­tle Liars Unite etc, I liked see­ing them play nice but I don’t know. I want to trust Mona but can you? Will Mona really help the girls against Red Coat and A?

My main ques­tions for you Pretty Lit­tle Liars club is who do you think it was that was both­er­ing Ali­son in the begin­ning? Who is A? A recruits oth­ers to join the A team against the girls but why? The girls did not kill Ali­son, so why is A after them? Who is the girl in the red coat? Is it Ali­son? Does she run the A team? Who is killing off the peo­ple who saw Ali­son the night she sup­pos­edly died?

So with all of these ques­tions swirling around my head what are your thoughts? Will Mona and Hanna ever really be friends again? Would you trust her? I guess we will have to wait and see next week! Tell me what are your the­o­ries about A?


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