The Premier of Pretty Little Liars Season 4- Who’s in the Trunk?

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 So tonight was the season premier of Pretty Little Liars Season 4. The series opens up to expose the mystery of who is in the trunk…spoiler alert it’s Wilden! I had a feeling it might be him but now I am just very very curious about who the killer is on the A team?

This season Pretty little liars has a new twist with the strange return of Alison’s mother. Am I the only who thinks she may be behind the A team? I can see her seeking revenge on the people who may have been involved in the murder of her daughter Alison. The whole moving back into town and setting up Alison’s room like a shrine to me is a dead giveaway. I think she is nuts and is eliminating them one by one. Jenna even thinks that she is dead because she is one of the few left that are alive. All other people who have seen Alison the night she died are dead. Can you say dead girl walking? I would definitely be looking over my shoulder if I was Jenna.

The other question is who is the lady in black at Wilden’s funeral? Is it Alison hiding under the veil? The end of the episode shows the lady in black unveiling her veil to show a burned mask. Who do you think it is? A lot of people are referring to the books  and the theory of it being Alison’s twin Courtney? I have not read the books but I do like the whole twin theory. I have to admit I love Alison and wish she was not dead so maybe she will show up as Vivian Darkbloom her alter ego? Do you think she is alive?

The other interesting tidbit this episode was the emergence of the Hanna/Mona friendship. The Pretty Little Liars Unite etc, I liked seeing them play nice but I don’t know. I want to trust Mona but can you? Will Mona really help the girls against Red Coat and A?

My main questions for you Pretty Little Liars club is who do you think it was that was bothering Alison in the beginning? Who is A? A recruits others to join the A team against the girls but why? The girls did not kill Alison, so why is A after them? Who is the girl in the red coat? Is it Alison? Does she run the A team? Who is killing off the people who saw Alison the night she supposedly died?

So with all of these questions swirling around my head what are your thoughts? Will Mona and Hanna ever really be friends again? Would you trust her? I guess we will have to wait and see next week! Tell me what are your theories about A?


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