Tips for Surviving the After Holiday Season!

HolidaypicMerry Christmas and Happy holidays to you all! If you are like me you are about done with the celebrating, eating and ready to get your life back to normal. Here is a quick guide for surviving the rest of the holiday season and ways to get your life back on track for the new year.

Tip Number One:
Take time to breathe and relax! Even though you are busy with travel or hosting loved ones take a minute or two to relax and focus. Even if it is just a walk around the block or lock yourself in your room for a quick break or nap. Seriously, sometimes loved ones can bring on a lot of pressure and stress so taking a minute to yourself to focus is essential.

Tip Number Two:
Let other people share in the work and don’t carry the full load by yourself. When we play host to relatives or friends etc. it can be sometimes very overwhelming. So make it easy on yourself and suggest a potluck dinner or maybe order your food prepared from your local store. This way you don’t have the pressure of being host, cook and entertainer all wrapped into one. We can’t be superwoman at all times so stop trying to be. Holidays are to be enjoyed not so we can stress out and exhaust ourselves. Let others help you and you all do it together.

Tip Number Three:
Know when to hold em and know when to fold em. Sometimes we are expected to attend several holiday events especially if we have extended families or families with divorced parents etc. So this can be a very complicated situation and hurt feelings can come up if you do not tread lightly. So make a plan to see who you can when you can and only commit to those that you can see. If you find that you are committed to seeing family members that maybe you are not compatible with you can make prearranged plans with time limits.

Meaning learn to be gracious, make appearances and then have “plans” lined up so you can leave at a certain time. This sounds harsh but really it does help in keeping things on a pleasant level. Learn to not over commit yourself and get stuck in uncomfortable family situations.

Tip Number Four:
Keep everything in perspective and don’t get overly sensitive or upset with comments or actions of loved ones. For some reason holidays have a way of bringing out the worst and the best in our loved ones. None of us are perfect and sometimes hurt feelings and miscommunications run deep. Learn to find the good in all and think before you speak. The best part is to remember that holidays only happen a few times a year!

Happy New Year may you all enjoy your holiday season with love and happiness!

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