TV Shows That I Am Addicted to This Summer


This sum­mer I have been fairly enjoy­ing my usual tv shows and some new ones that have been added to the list. I have my usual addic­tion of real­ity tv shows the house­wives of every city and my old standby of the Kar­dashi­ans. But, I have a few new ones to add to the mix of my sum­mer fun watch­ing addic­tion and yes some are embar­rass­ing to admit I love them!

Pretty Lit­tle Liars is by far my favorite show of the moment. I have been addicted to this show since last year and have since bought and watched all of sea­son one, got most of two down and have seen all of sea­son three so far.  I love the sto­ry­line and the sus­pense that it builds up. Who is A? Did they kill Alli­son and Maya? Is there more than one A? They promise to tell us who it is in two weeks on A the sea­son finale. Some one  we all know and trust will betray every­one, who do you think it is? I have a the­ory that it could be Paige she likes Emily, she was jeal­ous of Maya and wanted Emily to her­self right? Plus the night that Emily’s flask got drugged she ended up spend­ing the night with her. Some­things don’t add up with that girl. What is your the­ory of who A is? Some peo­ple think it is Mr. Fitz’s fam­ily? They are rich and ruth­less so they have the money and motive to sep­a­rate Aria and Fitz? Also Ce Ce Drake the new blonde chick that knew Alli­son and acts just like her is a strange one too. I am very excited to see who A finally is and what will hap­pen to the char­ac­ters when they do the big reveal! Next episode shows A tak­ing on another vic­tim who do you think it will be? Sea­son finally airs on August 28th.

Dance Moms- I have watched the last sea­son and now this sea­son of this crazy show cen­tered around some fanatic dance moms, their kids and the best part of the show Abbie Lee Miller the dance teacher! OMG I love love this show it is a train wreck on steroids. I love the fact that Abbie Lee Miller is larger than life and doesn’t look like your usual dance teacher and treats her school like a mil­i­tary camp lol. The danc­ing is amaz­ing and the girls are really tal­ented young ladies. How­ever, the moms are all kinds of crazy with jeal­ous cat fights, insults and gos­sip. This show is not for the faint of heart but if you like train wrecks mixed in with some good danc­ing you will enjoy this show. Dance Moms airs on Life­time Tues­days at 9/8 central.

My last favorite addic­tion of the sum­mer is a new show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo- This show is a spin off of a young girl named Alana from Tod­dlers and Tiaras. I am in red­neck white trash heaven with this show. I mean what per­son would not enjoy watch­ing a  fam­ily who does extreme coupon­ing eats road kill ani­mals, enters their child into beauty pagents and lives in the south? Yes it is a buf­fet of deli­cious mouth water­ing train wreck fun that you sim­ply can­not turn away from. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo airs on TLC 10/9 cen­tral. Clip of the show below:

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